‘Pic of the Valley’ #5


This ‘Pic of the Valley’ is of the 110’x800′ Cheatham Lock on the Cumberland River during normal water conditions. The historic flooding that occurred at the beginning of May 2010 inundated the lock, including the elevated control rooms that can be seen in photo, damaging critical equipment that left the lock that provides navigation to the Nashville area and beyond inoperable. Cheatham Lock returned to restricted/limited service on Monday 24, 2010 at 6:00AM, with the first lockage in three weeks dedicated to providing the U.S. Coast Guard an opportunity to replace navigation aids, many of which were deposited in adjacent corn fields by the flood waters, to the Cumberland River between the Cheatham Lock and Gallatin, TN. The Coast Guard has successfully replaced the navigation aids between Cheatham and the Ohio River. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is aggressively working to return Cheatham to regular service using every electrician from every lock in the Nashville District in an effort that will replace every electrical wire in the system. Normal operations will not likely return before the 18th of June, dependent on equipment delivery and installation, when all of the critical components of the system can be tested and verified as fully functional.