‘Pic of the Valley’ #3


This ‘Pic of the Valley’ is of the Wilson Dam at Tennessee River Mile 259, the first dam built across the Tennessee River. Construction of Wilson Dam began in 1918 and was completed in 1924 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Tennessee Valley Authority aquired Wilson with the adoption of the TVA Act of 1933. The dam is 137 feet high and stretches 4,541 feet across the Tennessee River. In the foreground is the powerhouse. With 21 generating units, Wilson is the largest conventional hydroelectric power plant in the TVA system, with a 675 megawatt capacity. For more than 8 decades, Wilson Dam has provided the citizens of the Tennessee Valley with a low cost, environmentally friendly source of renewable energy. In the background is the 110 feet by 600 feet main lock that on average passes 12 million tons of commodities annually. With a maximum lift of 100 feet, it is the highest single stage lift lock east of the Rockies. Wilson Reservoir provides 166 miles of shoreline and 15,500 acres of water surface for recreation.