About Us

What is TRVA?

The Tennessee River Valley Association (TRVA) was organized in 1967 by public-spirited citizens of the Tennessee and Cumberland River Valleys region who felt the need for a non-partisan organization who could serve as a unified “voice” in promoting the region, its interests and resources. The region has the manpower, natural resources, growth potential and desire to grow economically; but to do so, it is necessary to work together, across city-county-state lines, on issues, projects, opportunities and legislation affecting the entire region. TRVA is a non-profit (501-C-4), membership organization that serves the states of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and the valley portions of Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. TRVA members come from all walks of life representing business and industry, transportation, financial services, education, chambers of commerce, city/county/state government, trade associations, recreation, agriculture, news media and private citizens. Financed by its membership, TRVA is guided by a Board of Directors elected from its private sector members to geographically represent the region.

What Does TRVA Do?

TRVA promotes the development of economic projects which meet urban, industrial, business, recreational, agricultural, educational and transportation needs.

Works to stimulate growth and employment opportunities; to increase productivity; to protect our environment; and to insure regional excellence for future generations.

Provides support for specific capital outlay projects, such as lock additions/replacement, dredge work, navigational aids, ect.

Encourages new business and industrial growth, as well as existing business/industry expansion that results in job creation.

Conveys the consensus views of its members:

  • Communications with local, state and federal agencies
  • Contacts with members of Congress and their staffs
  • Presents testimony before Congressional committees
  • Conducts meetings, seminars, speeches and presentations
  • Publishes newsletters and informational materials

Participates in the Coalition of Alabama Waterways Association (CAWA) to promote use and improvements of our abundant waterway system.

Provides a forum for those who seek an opportunity to participate in improving the region in which they work and live.

What is TCWC?

The Tennessee-Cumberland Waterways Council (TCWC) is a division of the Tennessee River Valley Association (TRVA). TCWC was formed in 1981 by a group of individuals who saw the need to have an active voice in the operation, maintenance and development of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and their tributaries. The twin rivers, the Tennessee and Cumberland River system, is part of a vast waterway network that links 21 states in the eastern United States with ports on the Gulf Coast. The development of this region is directly attributable to the wise and effective use of its water resources. Today our navigable waterways provide a new dimension to inland transportation. Thousands of industries have invested billions of dollars along the waterways that have directly created thousands of jobs and indirectly created jobs for many more in related industries and service sector. Many other industries and jobs throughout the region and nation depend on the effective performance of our inland waterways. Waterway transportation is an environmentally friendly, safe method of transportation to move large quantities of raw materials, finished products, bulk materials, and liquids. With the growing containerized freight industry, waterways can provide an excellent, cost effective mode of transporting containers. TCWC was created to represent the users, shippers, receivers, operators and beneficiaries of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. Its members consist of towing companies, barge lines, terminals, receivers and shippers on these waterways and other parties that have an interest in the future of our waterway network. Working together, TCWC makes up a team that supports commercial navigation as a vital component of the total transportation system and an impetus for regional development.

What Does TCWC Do?

Serves as a liaison with the private sector, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard and Tennessee Valley Authority regarding navigation issues, operation, maintenance and development of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.

Coordinates the flow of information regarding waterway development and keeps members informed on all germane legislative issues.

Promotes the region by stimulating interest in the use of its waterways.

Encourages legislation and funding of waterways projects that economically benefit our waterway system.

Coordinates and sponsors industry meetings to discuss navigation related issues, including lock closures, bridge improvement or replacement, improvement or replacement of locks, aids to navigation, dredging and channel improvements.

Develops a marketing program with brochures, terminal directors, maps, surveys, studies and coordination with state agencies to promote economic growth and waterway development.

Works to assist the development of a strategic plan for the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers with the USACOE, USCG and TVA outlining recommendations for capital outlay, operations and maintenance projects for the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.