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Formed in 1967, the Tennessee River Valley Association and its Tennessee-Cumberland Waterways Council promotes commercial navigation as a catalyst to economic growth in the Tennessee and Cumberland River Valleys.

As a non-partisan unified voice, the TRVA encourages legislation that is economically beneficial to the people of the region. The Association’s membership includes towing companies, barge lines, port and terminal operators, related businesses and industries, municipalities and concerned citizens from across the southeastern United States.

The TRVA-TCWC mission is to insure the continued development, improvement, and modernization of the region’s overall water resource infrastructure that provides tremendous economic benefits and opportunities to communities throughout the entire region.

Membership in the Tennessee River Valley Association provides an opportunity to join with other community leaders dedicated to the economic vitality of the Tennessee and Cumberland River Valleys.

TRVA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) public interest organization.